Womens' Beach Retreat!

Sandbridge, VA
September 27th - October 1st

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Come join me for this year's Women's Beach Retreat!  Gather with a supportive group of women to take some time to get away from it all and get some healing and rejuvenation.  There will be empowering Shamanic ceremonies, rituals, and meditation including a Full Moon Ceremony to connect to Grandmother Moon.  There will also be food based on the protocols of the Medical Medium.  We will be staying within easy walking distance to the beach, where you can walk for miles and see the dolphins that live there.  You deserve a break!

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Open To Your Intuition

Online Course
Starting January 15th

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Come join me to learn how to Open to Your Intuition!  Intuition is an ability that every person has but just hasn't been encouraged to develop in the world we live in.  We receive information and guidance all the time in different ways - through feelings, knowingness, hunches, messages and more.  It's important to learn to open to this higher awareness in a safe and grounded way.  This is an ability that can help you in your day to day life along with developing your intuition to aid you in being a healer or guide to others along their healing paths.

Intuitive Health Guidance Sessions

Get Your Own Individualized Protocol!

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Using what I have learned from studying the Medical Medium® information, being a participant of the Medical Medium® Official Practitioner Support Group, and an admin in the courses of Muneeza Ahmed, I employ my intuition to come up with a protocol designed for you to help with your particular health issues.  It can be so helpful to get support to help you with your unique situation.  Sometimes all the information can get overwhelming and I can help you in learning how to apply it to your life in a way that works specifically for you.  Look forward to connecting with you!

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